Customer Success

Customer Success:

San Miguel Corporation Improves Business Collaboration and Application Access

“Citrix XenApp has served us well. It is stable, robust and easy to use. It has helped us provide our partner-company with fast and low-cost remote access to mission-critical applications.”

-Gilbert Chua, IT applications specialist, San Miguel Corporation

Key Benefits

  • Extended key application access to partner company cost-effectively and without impacting performance
  • 80 percent reduction in annual hardware investment costs
  • Enabled upgrading or installing applications in five minutes
  • Slashed IT team’s travel requirements by 240 percent

 Applications Deployed

  • Quantum Treasury
  • Hyperion Enterprise 6.0

Networking Environment

  • Citrix® XenApp running on two HP ML ProLiant servers
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2003/2008 Operating System
  • Citrix Access Gateway SSL-VPN
  • 128kbps leased line
  • Clients include HP Deskpro Pentium 166 PCs and IBM Netvista 6270-PDQ Pentium III 1000mhz PCs

San Miguel Corporation, the Philippines’ largest food, beverage and packaging conglomerate, sought to improve business collaboration with one of its partners – Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines.  San Miguel needed to consolidate the two companies’ respective treasury transactions, which were running on separate financial applications.  Specifically, San Miguel wanted to enable Coca-Cola’s Treasury Group to remotely access San Miguel’s Quantum application, without impacting the application’s performance and without requiring additional servers and licenses.  Quantum is a treasury management system that provides instant information for decision-making pertaining to risks relating to interest rates, currency, liquidity and limit management.


San Miguel found its solution in Citrix® XenApp®.  By deploying Quantum Treasury via XenApp, the company extended seamless, SSL-secure access to Coca-Cola employees via a wide area network.  Now, the Coca-Cola Treasury group in Makati City is able to connect to the San Miguel Treasury Department in Mandaluyong City through any enabled device, and over any enabled connection.


The Citrix solution resulted in significant savings for San Miguel.  Explained Chua, “The most compelling benefit was from the considerable cost savings in terms of hardware and software license fees. Without Citrix software, we would have been required to purchase two database servers along with the necessary licenses to run the Quantum Treasury application at each location.”  In addition, San Miguel was able to extend the lifespan of its existing hardware by up to five years, helping the company to reduce its annual hardware investment costs by 80 percent.


According to Chua, the gains extend beyond infrastructure savings and application access. “Thanks to Citrix technology, we can now deploy treasury applications and version updates within five to fifteen minutes at a centralized location,” said Chua. “The ease of administration increased our team’s productivity and slashed our team’s traveling time by 240 percent. Previously it would take the IT administrators at least two hours to commute to the other side of the city to install applications and upgrades.”


In the next six months, San Miguel plans to deploy additional applications via XenApp and to extend access to additional users in its Feeds Business. In the longer term, Chua sees Citrix technology as a vital solution in facilitating San Miguel’s aggressive expansion to additional locations in Thailand, China, Vietnam and Australia – by rapidly provisioning Web-based access to corporate applications without having to build the underlying IT infrastructure.


Concluded Chua, “Citrix XenApp has served us well. It is stable, robust and easy to use. It has helped us provide our partner-company with fast and low-cost remote access to mission-critical applications.”


About San Miguel Corporation

San Miguel Corporation is Southeast Asia’s largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company, with over 26,000 employees in major facilities throughout the Asia-Pacific.  Founded in 1890, the company has over 100 facilities in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, China and Australia.  San Miguel’s flagship product, San Miguel Beer, holds over 90 percent share of the Philippine market and is among the world’s largest selling beers and among the top three brands in Asia.  The company also produces and markets chicken, pork and beef, ready-to-cook and processed meats, butter, cheese and margarine, coconut oil and animal feeds.


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