Hitachi Projectors

Hitachi LCD Projectors

Offering a wide range of models and technologies, the new generation of projectors from Hitachi meets the diverse needs of businesses and educators.


 Hitachi Ultimate Short Throw Projectors produce large images in limited spaces, freeing users from the restraints of traditional projectors, and opening a whole new world of possibilities.


The Professional Series projects images up to 700" with superb quality and fits perfectly into any environment, making it ideal for creating impact in large venues.


 Suitable for the largest rooms, these high-end installation projectors offer breathtaking image quality, high brightness and fast connectivity to your network.


To meet the needs of businesses and educators, Hitachi has developed a series of projectors that offer functionality, affordability, durability and mobility.


Hitachi's Ultra Portable projectors offer incredible portability with compact and lightweight designs, as well as excellent durability and image clarity.

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