phd virtual

PHD Virtual Backup (with Deduplication)

The Easiest Way to Protect Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere/ESX

PHD Virtual Backup and Replication for Citrix XenServer and VMware Sphere helps you:

  • Backup and restore faster to meet your RPO's and RTO's
  • Reduce backup storage over 90% with global deduplication
  • Quickly recover vm's, files and application data directly from backups
  • Efficiently replicate virtual machines for disaster recovery
  • Manage your backups directly through XenCenter
  • Significanlty reduce costs and time associated with virtual backup

Citrix XenServer and VMware Backup and Replication

A Backup Architecture Purpose-built for Virtualization

PHD Virtual delivers the highest performance and most scalable cross-platform backup solutions on the market.  The award winning PHD VBA™ (Virtual Backup Appliance) Architecture delivers data protection that is simpler to deploy, more scalable and more affordable than competing products. The PHD VBA™ leverages virtualization to backup the virtual environment, removing the need to manage separate physical servers, additional software or agents that make other solutions slower, more costly and more complex.

  • Virtual Backup Appliance VBA™ delivers a completely virtualized solution footprint.
  • Snaps into your virtualization platform architecture and scales seamlessly.
  • Provides the best backup optimization for LAN/WAN environments.
  • Direct integration with Citrix XenCenter management console 
  • Dramatically lowers your backup storage requirements and overall solution costs.

Go From 0 to High Performance Backup in Just 5 Minutes

PHD Virtual Backup makes virtual machine backup and recovery incredibly easy. Unlike other solutions that require additional servers, software and hardware for their backup applications, PHD Virtual Backup is delivered as an all-in-one software based virtual backup appliance solution with integrated management through Citrix XenCenter. Compared to other solutions, PHD Virtual Backup is simply a better way to protect your virtual environment.

  • Faster to Deploy
  • Easier to Use
  • Simpler to Maintain

Accelerate Backup and Recovery

PHD Virtual Backup provides the fastest way to backup and recover virtual machines and data on your Citrix XenServer infrastructure.  Leveraging Image Based Backup through direct integration with Citrix XenServer API's, PHD Virtual processes backups faster and more reliably than traditional file based backup methods.  Dynamic Recovery Technology makes is quick and easy to recover vm's, files and application data directly from your backup storage.


Simplify Replication and DR

PHD Virtual Backup and Replication is a single, integrated solution that provides backup,virtual machine replication and disaster recovery using a completely software based, PHD virtual appliance.  Unlike other solutions that rely on storage-based replication, expensive hardware and labor intesive deployment, with PHD Virtual implementing disaster recovery for your virtual environment can be easier and more cost effective than ever before.  With PHD Virtual you can.

  • Deploy cost effective DR in minutes
  • Replicate critical VM’s to a secondary site
  • Quickly fail over in case of a DR event
  • Eliminate expensive hardware and labor

Save Time and Lower Costs

Since PHD Virtual Backup is delivered as an all-in-one virtual backup appliance it is easier and less complex to maintain. With other solutions that require additional servers, software or hardware you have to manage and maintain patches, updates and version compatibility among multiple different vendors. And PHD Virtual is licensed on a simple, cost effective per host licensing model, so you won't need to pay more for additional sockets when you deploy or upgrade your servers