citrix unified gateway

Citrix Unified Gateway®

NetScaler Unified Gateway consolidates remote access infrastructure to provide single sign-on across all applications whether in a datacenter, in a cloud, or delivered as SaaS. It allows people to access any app, from any device, through a single URL. NetScaler Unified Gateway offers:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) to VDI, web and SaaS applications

Provide a secure single sign-on (SSO) across all applications, whether they’re hosted on premises, in the cloud or delivered as SaaS. NetScaler Unified Gateway provides Multi-Factor authentication, contextual access control and end to end monitoring across all application traffic. 

  • Remote access to all applications across any data center or cloud

Applications have evolved. Over time, the addition of multiple point solutions to deliver applications in traditional, mobile, BYOD, and cloud environments has complicated data center infrastructures. Managing and securing an enterprise cluttered with supplemental VPNs, monitors, and gateways drives up costs, requires more administration, makes the network rigid, and also more vulnerable to security risks. In addition, it leads to poor user experience as a result of inconsistent UI, multiple passwords and multiple URLs to access applications. 

  • Secure delivery of VDI applications

With users remotely accessing their virtual applications and virtual desktops from anywhere, security of the data must extend beyond your corporate network to the user device consuming the application. Additionally, in a multi-VDI environment, end users are required to login multiple times which results in loss of productivity and poor user experience. NetScaler Unified Gateway extends the security posture of your virtual app and virtual desktop deployment to the endpoint to maintain compliance while enhancing the user experience with single sign-on to VDI, web, enterprise and SaaS applications.  

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