Technical Services

High-Availability and Disaster Recovery

We setup and provide resilient infrastructure that can help you improve critical IT systems availability, moving even closer to a continuous operations environment by reducing unplanned outages and reducing or potentially eliminating planned outages. From high-availability failover solutions to disaster recovery mode such as simple restoration of deleted files, we offers a full range of flexible backup and recovery options, including virtualized machine (VM) and storage replication.


We offer virtualization services to help you accelerate the success of your virtualization initiative whether you want to start with server virtualization, application virtualization, or implement a desktop virtualization (VDI) solution. We provide a comprehensive architectural approach that helps reduce costs, protect application performance, and secure the virtualized infrastructure.

Service Level Agreement

We offer annual service level agreements (SLA) or one-time specific IT services that client require. We basically provide these following services: remote/online live support, schedule on-site visits, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and proactive support.

Software Installation and Configuration  

We provide software installation and configuration services to customer ranges from typical Windows operating system, application installation and configurations and middleware products such as Citrix.

Migration and Upgrade

Keeping pace with technology changes is a difficult and often costly exercise, particularly in the face of massive growth in new applications being release every now and then. To help in this area, our portfolio includes: Migration and upgrade services of operating system software (desktop and servers), Desktop refresh services, Time-based Support contracts, middleware upgrade (Citrix) and more.


We provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects such as assessment of server virtualization proposal, Review of IT Infrastructure Strategy, Selecting a small VOIP telephone system, interconnection of telecom E1/T1/SS7 signaling protocols, business continuity planning using High-Availability and Disaster Recovery environment and more.